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Are peppers a fruit or vegetable? Pile of different types of peppers of all colors.

In horticulture and cuisine, the classification of certain produce often sparks debates. One such controversy involves peppers, where people frequently question whether peppers are fruits or vegetables. Let’s examine this culinary conundrum.

Botany vs. Cuisine: The Classification Conundrum

We must first understand how fruits and vegetables are classified to tackle this question.

In the culinary world, the classification often depends on flavor profiles and usage. Savory dishes typically contain vegetables, while fruits generally add sweetness.

However, botanically, the classification follows a different rule.

What Does Botany Tell Us?

Botanically speaking, a fruit is the mature ovary of a flowering plant that develops after pollination, often containing seeds. Are you surprised to learn that? That’s correct. Anything that grows from the flower of a plant and has at least one seed is classified as a fruit.

So, Is a Pepper a Fruit?

Now, let’s turn our attention back to the pepper plant. Botanists classify peppers, including bell pepper, chili pepper, and jalapeño, as fruits because they develop from the plant’s flower and contain seeds. Yes, botanically, peppers are fruits!

Peppers are a Close Relative of the Tomato Plant

Interestingly, peppers aren’t the only vegetables that are fruits. Other plants in the capsicum genus, like tomatoes and eggplants, fall into the same category. All these plants are part of the nightshade family Solanaceae, producing botanical fruits often misclassified as vegetables.

Culinary Classification: Peppers as Vegetables

Despite the botanical truth, peppers are often used as vegetables in the culinary world. Whether spicy chili, a savory stew, or stir-fries, peppers add a flavorful kick to our meals. Thanks to their savory application, they’re known more as vegetables in kitchens.

A Colorful Range of Fruits

Peppers come in various types and colors, each belonging to the capsicum genus. From bell peppers to chili peppers, each cultivar of this plant produces fruit that we commonly refer to as peppers. Whether sweet, hot, or somewhere in between, these peppers offer variety to gardeners and chefs.

Easy to Grow and Nutritious

Peppers are versatile in their culinary applications and easy to grow in home gardens—these plants, like other fruits, flower before their fruit grows. In addition to being low in calories and high in vitamins, peppers offer a flavorful punch to a wide array of dishes.


To sum up, “Are peppers fruits or vegetables?” depends on who you ask. A botanist would tell you that peppers are fruits because they grow from the flowers of plants and contain seeds. But, ask a chef, and they might insist peppers are vegetables due to their frequent use in savory dishes. Either way, peppers remain a flavorful and valuable part of our diets.

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