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Large elephant ear plant in living room

When looking for a new houseplant, we all have different tastes. After all, houseplants come in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes.

Some might prefer a houseplant that’s vivid and wildly aesthetic. Others might be more interested in the size of their plants’ leaves.

Houseplants with large leaves, for instance, can especially make a bold statement. Their big leaves help fill in the blank areas of a space. In addition, they add a nice focal point. Who could resist?

What Houseplant Has Big Leaves?
There are numerous  houseplants with big leaves that exist. Below are 15 large leaf tropical plants indoor to consider.

Houseplants with Large Leaves

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa)

Monstera deliciosa in white pot sitting in corner of roomThe perforated leaves of this Monstera are ideal to add texture to a home. Even just one plant can make a big statement.

High-humidity homes are perfect for this plant as it originates from the tropical parts of southern Mexico to south Panama.

While rare indoors, Monstera deliciosa can deliver elegant, cream-colored blooms.

Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

Potted rubber tree sitting on table next to window sillDraw the eyes in with a waxy-leaved, South American rubber tree.

They may be basic in appearance, but their simplicity makes them versatile.

Ficus elastica plants are available in different shapes and colors.

Add contrast with a variegated rubber tree variety, or add a splash of color with a burgundy variety.

Winterbourn (Philodendron xanadu)

Philodendron xanadu in black potBrazilian-native winterbourn plants offer dramatic lobed leaves with shiny, leather-like texture.

The leaves become more pronounced with time.

Add this piece to your space if you prefer a compact plant.

Keep in mind, though, that this large-leafed houseplant is toxic to children and pets.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Fiddle leaf fig tree in white pot in corner of stairsThe fiddle leaf fig tree is currently trendy in the world of houseplants. They get their name from their large, violin-shaped leaves.

While popular, they’re known for being finicky in the care department. In addition, they’re toxic to house pets. With the right care, however, their glossy leaves with deep veins make them quite the showpiece.

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Bird of paradise flowerThe origins of the bird of paradise is pretty self-explanatory. The flowers of this tropical beauty mirror the appearance of birds. And very colorful it is.

Luckily for many, the bird of paradise isn’t high maintenance and offers long-lasting blooms.

Consider the fact, though, that it’s poisonous to pets and kids.

Tropic Snow Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia seguine)

Potted dumb cane plantDiffencachia seguine is a variety of dumb cane that is native to the New World Tropics. Its massive leaves are oblong with eye-catching variegation.

The Tropic Snow Dumb Cane is especially beautiful in a colorful, tall pot. Keep in mind that this dieffenbachia variety grows up to six feet or taller. It’s also toxic if chewed or consumed.

African Mask Plant (Alocasia amazonica)

Nursery stock of african mask plantAfrican Mask plants are based in the South Pacific. Their arrowhead-shaped leaves and thick veins make them stand out in any room.

Due to its compactness, they’re ideal in smaller spaces. Expect them to only reach about 18 inches long and no more than four feet tall.

Elephant Ear (Colocasia)

Large planting of elephant ear plantsIn correspondence with its name, the Elephant Ear plant offers leaves shaped like elephant ears.

They’re also known for their leaves being elephant-sized – two to three feet wide, in fact.

While they’re often grown outdoors, this plant can thrive indoors too. Best of all, this large leaf perennial offers easy care.

Banana Tree (Musa)

Small banana tree in pot sitting next to windowWhile it won’t bear fruit indoors, the banana tree makes for a wonderful big-leafed houseplant.

It features long foliage that can reach a width of nine feet.

It also has a long lifespan of roughly 25 years.

Unlike many tropical houseplants, the banana tree is safe for your furry friends.

Ruffled Fan Palm (Licuala grandis)

Ruffled fan palm plant outdoorsPalm tree lovers will adore the Ruffled Fan Palm. It’s rich in texture and bright in color.

When well-cared for, it delivers wide, crimped leaves that resemble paper hand fans.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on one of these houseplants can be difficult.

Paper Plant (Fatsia japonica)

Close up of paper plant leavesIts common name might be Paper Plant, but it’s certainly not delicate.

Even those without a green thumb find that this houseplant with big leaves is difficult to kill.

On top of that, it offers a striking aesthetic. Its oily leaves are thick, dense, hand-shaped, and luscious.

Round Leaf Plant (Calathea orbifolia)

Close up of Calathea Orbifolia leavesThe Round Leaf Plant, as you can guess, is characterized by round leaves. Its foliage presents deep veins with green and silvery-green stripes.

Its good looks, though, come at a price. These plants tend to be a bit tedious to maintain.

On the bright side, this Bolivia-originated houseplant is non-toxic.

Velvet Goddess (Philodendron gloriosum)

Close up of Philodendron gloriosum leaves (Velvet Goddess)The leaves of this plant offer high contrast with its deep green leaves and bright white veins. Its leaves are similar in shape to the Elephant Ear plant.

However, unlike Elephant Ears, Philodendron gloriosum plants are relatively hard to find.

In addition, it’s unfortunately toxic.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Potted peace lily in front of windowFor years, the Peace Lily has been symbolic of peace and purity.

Its dark, glossy leaves and simple, white flowers alone add calamity to any space.

The Spathiphyllum is also modest in terms of how much space it takes up. Yet, its tight, fluffy foliage can take charge of any room.

Angel Wings Plant (Caladium)

Close up of angel wings plantThis Caladium variety is not to be confused with Senecio candicans, which is also nicknamed “Angel Wings.” Angel Wings Caladiums are also called Heart of Jesus, hence its heart-like leaves.

The South American native, due to its vivid foliage, is perfect to replace flowering plants. Caladium varieties come in many colors from dark green to pink.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow large leaves on my houseplants?

Besides investing in one of the latter plants, a big-leafed houseplant starts with proper care. A good fertilizer alone can do the trick to enlarge small leaves. If lighting is an issue in your home, consider investing in a grow light.

Are indoor plants with big leaves easy to grow?

Most plants with big leaves indoor are easy to grow. They’ll typically thrive with no problem when offered suitable care. Many indoor plants with large leaves simply require indirect light, decent potting soil, and modest watering. Keep in mind, though, that every plant varies.


Indoor plants with large leaves are an interest for many. Looking at pictures of houseplants with big leaves can offer aesthetical inspiration. On top of that, they help purify the air, provide a bold focal point, and fill in an empty space.

In the end, there are several big-leafed houseplants that offer both affordability and ease of care. Consider our list of the best indoor plants with large leaves to find something that piques your interest.

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