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Showing the differences between Monstera Albo vs. Thai Constellation houseplants.

Variegated plants, especially Monsteras, are now quite popular. The focus is on two varieties, Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation. We’ll discuss them in detail, showing their key differences and similarities.

Introduction to Variegated Monstera Varieties

Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation are variegated forms of Monstera Deliciosa. Their stunning white and green leaves set them apart. The key differences between these two varieties lie in their variegation patterns and cultivation methods.

Monstera Albo

Monstera albo variegated leaves.

Monstera Albo, full name Monstera Deliciosa ‘Borsigiana Albo-Variegata,’ exhibits a marble-like pattern. White patches are scattered across the leaf.

This genetic mutation creates less predictable variegation. It often results in entirely white leaves or white sections on a green leaf.

A leaf with high white color might struggle to produce chlorophyll, which is crucial for photosynthesis.

Monstera Thai Constellation

Close up of Monstera Thai Constellation variegated leaves.

Thai Constellation, in contrast, displays a consistent, speckled pattern of variegation. This variety, developed via tissue culture, has more stable variegation than Monstera Albo.

The small speckles across the green leaf are well-distributed. It gives a starry night sky effect, hence the ‘Thai Constellation.’

Differences Between Monstera Albo vs. Thai Constellation

While both variegated Monsteras are appreciated for their unique look, some differences exist. These include their care and growth patterns.

Growth and Care

Monstera Albo generally has smaller leaves compared to the Thai Constellation and grows more vertically. It benefits from a moss pole for climbing.

Thai Constellation, with larger leaves, creates a fuller-looking plant. It’s considered easier to care for due to its stable variegation and resistance to browning.

Variegation Stability

Albo’s variegation is chimeric and unstable. It can revert to all green or become entirely white.

Thai Constellation, a product of tissue culture, maintains its variegation consistently. It’s a less risky choice for beginner plant enthusiasts.


Propagating an Albo plant is done through cuttings. This ensures the new plant carries the variegation.

Thai Constellations, lab-grown, ensure every propagated plant retains the variegated pattern.

Similarities Between Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation

Beyond the differences, these two variegated Monstera varieties share similarities. Both have the iconic split leaves of Monsteras.

They need indirect light to avoid leaf burn and require well-draining soil and regular watering. Over-watering can lead to root rot, so letting the soil dry partially between waterings is crucial.

Monstera Albo or Thai Constellation?

Choosing between Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation depends on personal preference and care capacity. Both make excellent indoor plants, but Thai Constellation may be safer for those seeking consistency and ease of care.

If you love the unpredictability, the ever-changing Albo might be your choice.


Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation offer plant lovers unique plants to cultivate. With proper care and attention, either can become the highlight of your indoor garden.

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