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Several dragon cayenne pepper plants growing full of green and red peppers.

For those in search of a spice to make their meals sizzle, the Dragon Cayenne pepper is a game-changer. Known for its intense heat, the Dragon Cayenne pepper plant is also surprisingly easy to grow and care for. This hot pepper is easy to grow and suits both expert and novice gardeners.

Dragon Cayenne Pepper Characteristics

A part of the Capsicum annuum family, the Dragon Cayenne pepper matures from green to red. It rates at 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units, five times hotter than a jalapeño. This pepper plant yields many small 1-2″ long pods, ideal for cooking and for ornamental use.

Planting Your Dragon Cayenne Seeds

To grow Dragon Cayenne, start by germinating the seeds indoors. Do this eight weeks before the last frost. Sow seeds 2 inches apart, just under the surface of well-drained soil. Keep the temperature steady around 75 degrees Fahrenheit for successful sprouting.

Dragon Cayenne Pepper Plant Care

Transplant your seedlings when they reach 2 to 3 inches in height. Choose a sunny spot in your garden as this plant loves heat. If you don’t have a garden, use larger pots. Use nitrogen-rich fertilizer initially, then switch to a blend rich in phosphorus and potassium as the plant flowers.

Harvesting Cayenne Peppers

Green peppers appear around 75 days after transplanting. Wait another 25 days until they turn red before harvesting. When harvesting, cut the peppers off to avoid plant damage. Also, remember to wear gloves to prevent skin irritation.

Common Pests and Diseases

The Dragon Cayenne peppers are self-pollinating and low-maintenance. However, look out for pests like aphids and beetles.

Also, beware of diseases such as bacterial spot, anthracnose, phytophthora blight, and viruses. Good gardening practices can control these diseases.

Dragon Cayenne Pepper vs. Cayenne Pepper

Both Dragon Cayenne and common Cayenne are Capsicum annuum variants. They’re both red and heat-loving. However, Dragon Cayenne is twice as hot and smaller than its common counterpart. It also yields more peppers per plant. The choice between the two depends on your spice tolerance and gardening goals.


Dragon Cayenne pepper plant, spicier than jalapeños, and easy to grow, can add spice to your meals and garden. With some care, you’ll harvest many fiery red peppers. Buy some Dragon Cayenne seeds today and start your growing season!

We hope this guide is useful in growing Dragon Cayenne pepper plants. We’re excited to hear about your experiences and to see your plentiful harvests!

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