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How To Treat Common Arborvitae Diseases – GIY Plants

Single green arborvitae growing in the front yard of a home.

Arborvitae, a popular choice for landscaping, is not just an ornamental shrub but also a sturdy evergreen that requires little maintenance. However, like all trees and shrubs, arborvitae are susceptible to various diseases affecting their health and appearance. This comprehensive guide aims to arm you with the knowledge and latest techniques to identify, prevent, and […]

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Flowering Dogwood Tree Care – GIY Plants

Flowering dogwood tree care. Blooming dogwood trees blooming with white flowers.

The allure of the Flowering Dogwood Tree, or Cornus florida, is undeniable. Noted for its dazzling white or pink bracts, verdant green foliage, and vibrant berries, this deciduous tree is a cornerstone of many landscapes. Flowering Dogwood Tree Characteristics The Flowering Dogwood, a deciduous understory tree, charms homeowners with its year-round allure. The springtime ‘flowers’

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Kigelia Africana (Sausage Tree) Care – GIY Plants

Sausage tree or kigelia africana growing in the wild

The Kigelia Africana, commonly known as the sausage tree, is a unique and intriguing plant native to tropical Africa. This botanic marvel stands out for its sausage-shaped fruit, hence its name. This plant, part of the Bignoniaceae family, holds significant cultural, medicinal, and ecological value. The Kigelia Africana traces its origins back to the floodplains,

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