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Growing houseplants from seeds seems like a tedious procedure. Because it can take time and tremendous effort to achieve results. But to simplify that process, we are here to help break it down and tell you the best houseplants to grow from seed.

From how to start a houseplant from seed to the best houseplants to grow from seed and many things in between. We have you covered!

How to Start Indoor Plants From Seed

Every plant is a little different, and some seeds will take longer to germinate, sprout, or bud than others. But the average indoor plant seeds can take one week to two months to sprout.
For sprouting or germination of seeds to occur, they must be in proper moisture and temperature conditions. [1]

Each plant and seed requires different moisture levels, temperatures, and lighting. Educating yourself about the particular species is critical before you grow your own houseplant.

8 Best Houseplants to Grow From Seed

Growing an indoor garden from seeds can be a rewarding but also labor-intensive process. These houseplants are some of the best to grow from seeds if you’re a beginner.

Their germination process is relatively easy and or quick. There is a plant for everyone, no matter your style.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa in white pot sitting in corner of room

Monstera deliciosa, also known as the swiss cheese plant, is a common houseplant. That can be grown from seed indoors. The plant has fenestrated foliage and green coloring. Germination for this plant can take as little as one week to one month. And is the easiest part of the growing process. The care level for this plant is terrific for new indoor plant owners. During germination, the seeds need warmth (70-85°F or 21.1°C-29.4°C), moderate moisture, and indirect light. It is also best to use a small planter with drainage holes. Covered in plastic wrap during germination.

It is also important to mention that to germinate and grow Monstera deliciosa successfully, the seeds must be as fresh as possible. Fresh seeds are typically green, yellow, and light brown and are hard in consistency.

Peace Lily

Peace lily in pot sitting on floor next to window

The peace lily is another plant that has seeds that can germinate quickly. For some planters, it can take as few as ten days. The gorgeous flowering plant is excellent for beginners in growing indoor plants. To grow it yourself from seed, you will need to place the seeds slightly beneath soil. That is between 65°F and 80°F or 18.3°C and 26.67°C. Follow that by watering the seed. Putting glass or plastic wrap over the soil afterward will aid in the heat and moisture-trapping process.

Rainbow Coleus

Coleus rainbow leaves

If one month is still a bit too long to germinate for you, try Rainbow Coleus, it only takes one to two weeks. The colorful red and green plant is also a fast grower and easy to care for. This plant stays relatively small, making it a wise choice for smaller spaces. Germinating rainbow coleus seeds need damp soil, warmth (around 70 °For 21.1°C), and adequate lighting.

Anthurium Forgetii

Anthurium forgetii leaf

Anthurium forgetii is a great plant to grow from seed because it’s a sturdy, easy-to-care-for plant. And can germinate between one to two weeks. The sprouting process requires temperatures around 70°F or (21.1°C). Moderate moisture (do not over-saturate), and vermiculite for soil. Forgetti seeds should be lightly patted into the soil at least an inch apart in space. The plant will grow to have beautiful round leaves with stunning dark green and light green vein foliage.

String of pearls

String of pearls in white hanging basket

String of pearls may take a long time to germinate (up to three months), but the results are gorgeous. To grow the plant from seed, you will need to place the seeds in the soil (succulent mix works well). Moisture, warm temperatures, around 70°F or 21.1°C, and a plastic covering.

Polka dot begonia

Polka dot begonia in grey pot sitting on stool

To grow a polka dot begonia from seed, you will need bright lighting, warm temperatures (75°F or 23.89°C), and moist soil. When planting the seeds, you should space them 1″ to 2″ apart. And place a plastic covering over the planter. To ensure the moisture and warmth are trapped and can aid germination. Begonia seeds take two to three weeks to bud. [2]

Foxtail fern (asparagus meyeri)

Foxtail Fern in pot outside

Everyone will love that asparagus meyeri because it has a quick germination rate. Of one week to one month and a fast growth rate. The popular houseplant, commonly known as foxtail fern, has cone-like foliage and green coloring. The level of care for this plant is simple and great for beginners. To germinate asparagus meyeri seeds, you must soak them for twenty-four hours prior. After soaking, place the seeds on top of soil. Kept between 70°F and 80°F or 21.1°C and 26.67°C, then moisten the seed and cover it with plastic.

Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise flower

Bird of paradise may take a month or two to germinate, but the results are worth it. Making it one of the best houseplants to grow from seed. It is also important to note that the vibrant tropical plant’s seeds need soaking before planting. To grow it yourself, for 24 to 48 hours you need to soak the seeds. After, remove the seeds’ orange hairs and place the seeds in wet vermiculite. The plant’s seeds like warmth, so try placing the germinating seeds in a room that is around 75°F or 23.89°C.


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