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6 Houseplants that Repel Flies – GIY Plants

house plants that repel flies

We have all dealt with pesky flies in our house and have tried numerous methods to combat them. But did you know that there are houseplants that repel flies?

There are several kinds of houseplants that keep flies away through scent alone. Researchers also found one that rid the insect by triggering receptors that caused pain and itching.

You can keep your home stylish while ridding it of pests.

What Causes House Flies

Flies may be a part of our beautiful ecosystem, but that does not mean they can’t be bothersome when they enter your home. The first step to getting rid of flies is understanding how and why they are inside your home.

Having flies in your house can happen for multiple reasons. One of the biggest is sanitary issues. A messy kitchen or overflowing trash can with food waste can be the culprit.

A poorly sealed home can also be the cause of intrusion. Flies can slip through cracks in window screens, drafty doors, and poorly sealed windows.

No matter the reason for flies in your home, there are ways to repel them, including potted houseplants.

Six Houseplants That Repel Flies

Indoor plants can add a stylish flare to any indoor space, but they can also repel insects, including flies, mosquitoes, and spiders.

If you’re looking for houseplants that repel flies, we have you covered! Before you know it, you will have an herb garden inside your home.


Basil in a wicker basket

Basil is one of the best plants to grow in your home because it has multiple uses. Not only can it get rid of flies and those biting mosquitoes, but it can also be great for cooking or creating teas. The herb’s fragrance is what helps keep the pesky critters at bay.


Catnip plants in bloom

Catnip can do more than just delight cats. The plant has fly repellent abilities because it triggers a receptor that induces pain and itching sensations [1]. While keeping the flies away, it will also add a slight minty scent to the room.


Close up of a peppermint plant growing

Peppermint is one of the most fragrant herbs known to mankind, but did you know flies hate the smell? The menthol in peppermint gives an overwhelming fresh scent making it one of the houseplants that repel flies. It also repels mosquitoes and spiders. And this is another houseplant that repels flies and you can cook with.


Lemongrass plant growing outside

Lemongrass is a great option when you want to repel house flies and mosquitoes. The plant has a strong citrusy scent that humans love but flies despise. You can even use it in dishes where you want to add extra flavor. Lemongrass oil was also proven effective at repelling stable flies in a study [2].

Bay Laurel

Close up of a Bay Laurel plant growing

The subtle scent of bay laurel, commonly known as bay leaf produces, can repel house flies. The plant can also repel other pests, including ants, moths, and earwigs. Bay leaf is also a deterrent for mice.

Venus Flytrap

Venus flytraps are masters at combating flies by attracting the insect through scent and color and then consuming them. Although, this does mean that they do not repel house flies but instead attract them and consume them.


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