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Brown peace lily flower laying over on wood floor.

It’s a joy when our peace lilies produce their stunning white flowers. These indoor plants are admired for their broad, deep green foliage and delicate white flowers.

But what happens when the peace lily flowers turn brown or when your peace lily flower turns brown at the tips? This article delves into this common issue and explains the likely causes.

Why Do Peace Lily Flowers Turn Brown?

There can be several common reasons why your peace lily flower turns brown. Brown flowers or leaf tips in peace lilies often result from certain environmental factors.

The peace lilies don’t need much, but they may react negatively to improper watering, exposure to direct sunlight, or being placed in an inappropriate location.

When your peace lily’s flowers start turning brown, it indicates something isn’t quite right. The plant is sending a signal that it’s under stress and needs some attention.

Whether it’s the quality of the water you’re using to water your peace lily or the amount of light the plant receives, it’s crucial to identify and rectify the problem to help your peace lily thrive again.

How Long Do Peace Lily Flowers Last?

Peace lily flower in pot sitting on table in front of window with white blooms.

A common misconception about peace lily plants is that the flowers last forever. In truth, peace lily flowers last for a couple of weeks, after which they naturally fade and turn brown.

Aging is one of the most common reasons your peace lily flowers turn brown. As the flowers age, they lose their vibrant white color and gradually turn green, then brown. This is a normal part of the plant’s life cycle and nothing to worry about.

If the flowers are turning brown prematurely, it may indicate a problem. Peace lily flowers can turn brown if exposed to too much direct sunlight, as these plants and flowers thrive in low to medium-light conditions.

Also, overwatering or underwatering can cause brown peace lily flowers. Too much water can lead to root rot, which can, in turn, cause your peace lily leaves to turn brown and wilt.

On the other hand, not giving your peace lily enough water can also lead to browning, especially at the tips of the leaves and flowers.

How To Prevent Brown Flowers

Peace lily plant in brown pot sitting on window ledge with a city in the background.

Preventing your peace lily flowers from turning brown involves carefully addressing the plant’s needs. Peace lilies must be adequately watered – too much or too little can cause problems. Letting the top inch of the soil dry out is a good idea before watering your peace lily.

The plant should also be placed where it receives bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can cause the flowers and leaves to turn brown. If your peace lily is near a south or west-facing window, consider moving it to a less sunny spot.

Also, avoid placing your peace lily near air vents, heaters, or drafts, as sudden changes in temperature can also cause the leaves and flowers to turn brown.

Using the proper water can also make a difference. Tap water often contains chlorine, which can damage the plant. Instead, use distilled or filtered water to water your peace lily.

Can You Remove Brown Flowers from Peace Lily?

Removing the brown flowers is not only possible but also recommended. Here’s how you can do it:

Identify the Browning Flowers: Look for the blooms turning brown or black. This discoloration might start at the tips and gradually spread toward the base of the flower.

Prepare Your Tools: Clean, sharp pruning shears or scissors are ideal tools for this job. Sterilize them with rubbing alcohol before use to prevent any potential spread of disease.

Prune the Brown Flowers: Cut off the brown flowers at the base of their stalk. Be careful not to damage the surrounding foliage or emerging buds.

Discard the Removed Flowers: Dispose of the removed flowers properly. Please don’t leave them around the plant, as they may encourage fungal growth.

Follow-up Care: After removal, keep a close eye on your peace lily. Ensure it’s receiving proper care – adequate but not excessive watering, indirect sunlight, and suitable temperatures. This can help prevent further blooms from turning brown.

Consider Fertilizing: If your peace lily struggles to produce healthy blooms, it may lack essential nutrients. Consider applying a balanced houseplant fertilizer, following the instructions on the label.


Keeping a peace lily healthy and preventing its flowers from turning brown is all about providing the right conditions. Monitor your plant’s environment closely, ensuring it gets the right light and water.

With the proper care, your peace lily will reward you with its lush foliage and beautiful flowers. And when you see a flower starting to brown, remember it could simply be reaching the end of its natural lifespan. But if browning is widespread or happens to young flowers, it might be time to reevaluate your care routine.

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