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Black Strawberry: Real or Fake? – GIY Plants

Black strawberry with white background.

The world of strawberries is brimming with varieties and colors. The delicious fruit holds a place in many hearts, from red strawberries to yellow strawberries and even the less-known white strawberries. But what about black strawberries? Do they exist, or are they a myth spun by creative gardeners?

Understanding Strawberry Varieties

Are black strawberries real? Close up of red strawberries growing on plant.

Strawberries come in various colors, including the familiar red, more unusual yellow, and even white. These varieties provide a vibrant palette of choices for the keen gardener. Different colors usually indicate a different taste, texture, and sometimes even nutritional profile. The red ones, for example, are known for their sweet, tangy flavor and high vitamin C content.

Are Black Strawberries Real?

A quick search online for black strawberries might return results from sellers on platforms like Etsy and eBay. Some online sellers may even have pictures of jet-black strawberries, claiming to sell the seeds for these unusual fruits.

However, here’s the truth: black strawberries do not exist. They are a myth perpetuated by scammers and unscrupulous sellers looking to fool unsuspecting buyers.

The Tale of the Dark Strawberry

There are dark purple strawberry varieties, such as the Purple Wonder. Its fruit is purple not black, and its ripe flesh offers a balanced flavor, sweeter than the more common red strawberries. However, it’s worth noting that these dark varieties are not black strawberries.

What about the Black Strawberry Seeds?

As for black strawberry seeds sold online, be wary. It’s a scam, unfortunately, and many buyers have been fooled. Some people have claimed to have purchased and planted these seeds, but the result was never a crop of black strawberries. Instead, the outcome was either no growth or the emergence of regular strawberry plants.

The Beauty of Real Strawberries

Seven white strawberries laying on wood background.

Despite the absence of black strawberries, we still have a world of delicious varieties to explore. So, let’s revel in the existing colors and continue appreciating strawberries’ natural beauty and flavors. Whether you favor the taste of the traditional red, the uncommon white, or the eye-catching yellow, these strawberries will provide a delightful addition to your garden, plate, and palate.

The world of strawberries is indeed colorful. Let’s continue to savor the diverse and succulent flavors of genuine strawberries. After all, why look for black when you can enjoy the sweet taste of the rainbow?


While the idea of black strawberries may seem fascinating, they remain a myth. The advice here is simple: if you encounter an online retailer claiming to sell black strawberry seeds, heed the warning signs. While strawberries offer diverse colors and flavors, black is not one of them.

Whether you want to grow your strawberries or buy them from a shop, always choose legitimate, trusted sources. This way, you can enjoy the high-quality, delicious fruit that strawberries are known for.

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