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Creeping jenny vs creeping charlie groundcover plant.

Are you considering the introduction of ground cover to your garden? Ground cover plants, such as Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie, are low-growing plants that spread rapidly, often used to add beauty and fill space quickly. However, these two have different characteristics that you should consider.

Creeping Jenny

Creeping jenny with yellow flowers blooming.

Creeping Jenny, or moneywort, is a perennial plant native to Europe. Its small, round, evergreen leaves create an eye-catching carpet of green throughout the year.

The plant grows 2 to 5 inches tall and spreads rapidly across the ground. In the spring and summer, Creeping Jenny produces many small, star-shaped yellow flowers that add color to its lush green backdrop.

This plant is non-toxic and safe for human consumption. However, Creeping Jenny can be invasive in certain regions, so monitoring and controlling its spread is essential.

Creeping Charlie

Creeping charlie with purple flowers.

On the other hand, Creeping Charlie belongs to the Mint family and is also a perennial native to Europe. The leaves are kidney-shaped and quite different from Creeping Jenny’s round leaves.

Creeping Charlie grows up to 2 feet long, with a height of about 2 to 4 inches. The stems produce small, funnel-shaped purple flowers in spring, which contrast nicely with the green foliage.

However, unlike Creeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie is considered toxic if consumed by humans. The plant is also invasive and can be challenging to control once established.

Creeping Jenny vs Creeping Charlie Differences

While both plants are low-growing perennials and have a similar spreading habit, they differ in several ways.

One significant difference between Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie is their leaf shape and color. Creeping Jenny has round, evergreen leaves, while Creeping Charlie’s leaves are kidney-shaped and darker.

Another difference lies in their flower color. Creeping Jenny’s flowers are yellow, while Creeping Charlie produces purple flowers.

The toxicity of these plants also sets them apart. Creeping Jenny is non-toxic and safe for humans to consume, but Creeping Charlie is toxic and should not be ingested.

Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie: Plant Comparison

The choice between Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie will depend on several factors. You may prefer Creeping Jenny for its bright yellow flowers and non-toxicity, particularly if you have pets or children who may accidentally ingest the plant.

Alternatively, you might choose Creeping Charlie for its unique leaf shape and contrasting purple flowers. However, it’s essential to keep its invasiveness and toxicity in mind.

Whether you opt for Creeping Jenny or Charlie, remember that both plants can be invasive. This means they require careful management to prevent them from overtaking other plants in your garden.


In conclusion, Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie offer a fast-spreading, low-growing ground cover suitable for various garden designs. Their vibrant flowers and rich green leaves can add visual appeal to your landscape.

The decision between Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie will largely depend on your preferences, the aesthetic you’re aiming for, and safety considerations. As always, ensure to manage the spread of these plants to maintain the health and balance of your garden.

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