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Do bananas have seeds? Unripe banana bunches on plant.

Bananas are one of the world’s most popular fruits. Still, we often encounter a common question: “Do bananas have seeds?” Bananas do have seeds, but they are so small that they go unnoticed. This comprehensive guide delves deeper into the fascinating world of banana seeds.

Types of Bananas

Three types of bananas with seeds.

There are different types of bananas. Commercially grown bananas, precisely the Cavendish banana variety, are what we commonly consume. These bananas are a good source of nutrients. Still, their seeds are typically so tiny that we consume them without noticing.

Wild bananas, on the other hand, have more prominent black seeds. These wild banana varieties are not usually found in stores, and they taste pretty different from the sweet bananas we are familiar with.

Seeds in Commercial Bananas

Bunch of bananas from the store on a white background.

Commercial bananas are a result of careful selection and breeding. These cultivated bananas produce little black seeds that are so tiny they are often mistaken for specks.

The bananas we commonly eat are known as Cavendish bananas, and they are seedless, meaning their seeds are so tiny they are barely noticeable and not viable for propagation.

Seedless bananas are possible because bananas can reproduce through a process called parthenocarpy, which allows for fruit production without fertilization. These bananas grow from a bulb or rhizome rather than from seeds.

Growing Bananas From Seeds

If you want to grow bananas at home, it is indeed possible. Though developing a banana tree from a seed is uncommon, you can produce new plants from seeds in a ripe banana.

You can also grow bananas from ‘banana pups,’ offshoots of mature banana plants. This method is more commonly used because banana plants proliferate and can start producing fruit in less than a year under the right conditions.

How to Collect Banana Seeds

How to collect banana seeds.

If you embark on the journey of growing bananas at home from seeds, the first step is to collect banana seeds. These seeds are typically found in the center of the banana.

Cut the banana into thin slices to collect the seeds, making it easier to see the seeds. Once the seeds are identified, place them on a seed tray. The germination process may take some time, requiring patience from the gardener.

Understanding Banana Seeds

The number of seeds in a banana varies. For instance, wild bananas have as many as nine seeds per bunch. In contrast, the seeds of cultivated bananas are so tiny that it is difficult to count them.

Despite being seedless in the conventional sense, bananas do not lack seeds entirely. Rather, bananas have tiny, edible seeds embedded within the fruit’s flesh.


So, do bananas have seeds? The answer is a resounding yes. The seeds in a Cavendish banana, the variety we’re most familiar with, are so small that they are barely visible.

However, the seeds can be more prominent and more noticeable when it comes to wild bananas or different varieties of bananas. Whether peeling a banana for a snack or preparing to plant a new banana tree, now you know the truth about banana seeds.

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